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Making the community and the world

a better place in which to live.


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About Patchogue Lions Club

It is comprised of local people in the community who are trying to make the community and the world a better place in which to live.

Financial Donations

All donations are allocated toward helping

the needy.

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Giving your time and energy to others is a fantastic way to help your community. Yet, it also provides a great feeling for you that can spread and have a positive impact in your life and how you approach the world.  Service starts with Lions. Contact us today!

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Get to Know Us

Who we are and who are a part of our team

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Message from the president

I am honored to become the 70th president of the Patchogue Lions Club and proud to be associated with this amazing group of selfless gentlemen. I follow a long line of great leaders who have contributed to creating a wonderful and vibrant community by their example. Volunteerism is at the heart of this community and we are all better for it!


Our community thrives because of the commitment from countless men and women who donate their valuable time to our service clubs, scouting, our great Patchogue theatre, at the schools, hospitals or nursing homes, and the list goes on. The interesting thing about volunteering one’s time is that often times, after I complete the day’s tasks, I feel like I am the one who has benefited most from that investment. Words alone do not describe it - and those of you who already volunteer your time are likely nodding your heads along with me as you read this!


And for those who haven’t found the time to volunteer, now is the time to start! Your community needs your talent, your time and your spirit. I urge you to give it a try. Visit to find something that fits your interests. You will be glad you did!



Bob Silver President,

Patchogue Lions Club

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