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To Our Community

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

To Our Community

Lions Club of Patchogue Inc. was Chartered on January 28, 1947.

Started by 16 people whom were led by our First President Robert Crapsey. This new

Organization was comprised of people from different backgrounds and beliefs but all focused on Eyesight, Diabetes and Community Betterment. This team was successful in establishing a viable forward-thinking and influential organization, which was incorporated in

1987 under President George Mason Jr.

In the year 2020 under the auspice of 2-year term President Robert W. Silver, a committee was formed under the direction of Past President and 1st Vice President Vito W. LaMonica Jr the committee “5013(c)3 Challenge” had paid personally the fee required by the Federal

Government. We have prepared all the onerous documentation required and has of June 2020 attained 501(c)3 Federal Tax-Exempt Charitable Status.

Our Club is dedicated to forging ahead on our primary missions despite these unprecedented times which continue for fundraising efforts around the world. With this Tax-Exempt Status, we now amplify the value of every dollar raised, further underwriting our goals to help the needy, the deserving and the do-gooders. No member of our club has ever received any financial remuneration in our History, nor will they receive any funds from the organization in the future. Every dollar raised goes towards our mission of helping our community. Every dollar spent by our Organization is approved by the entire Board of Directors not just one individual. All our meetings are at the expense of our members.

We look to flourish in the future by intensifying our fundraising efforts, not only on an

individual basis, but also soliciting Corporate Sponsors and Foundations. Of course, we will be continuing our organic fundraising events such as our 50/50 Raffle, Annual Charity Golf Outing, crowd pleasing Bowling Tournament along with many other great events. We will continue to have had food drives where over the years raised in excess of $100,000 worth of food and supplies for the food insecure. In the 18 years of us doing Christmas in July we treated over 2,500 deserving children from our Patchogue-Medford School District community to an exciting adventure at Boomers Amusement Park on one of the last days of school. We also facilitated backpacks and school supplies for deserving and needy students so they could start the year with basic supplies that the teachers felt would be required. We have continued the tradition of providing 60 years of Fourth of July Parades and celebrations even in this year restricted by Covid-19. We volunteered at the 9/11 site and have volunteered our time and money for various projects relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the years we have given Scholarships to our Patchogue Medford School Graduates and even rewarded Students of the Month and Middle Schools students. Guide Dogs to the Blind and Eyeglasses with exams for the needy and have purchased park benches in the name of Past Presidents and the Large Clock on Main Street.

Currently our 2nd Vice President Michael Cioffi has focused on honoring our Past President

Samuel Stahlman who passed away on May 18, 2020 at the age of 95. We will be

Memorializing him in a Reflection Area along with his Son Eric, who died at the attack of the

World Trade Center on 9/11/01. Sam was a Decorated World War II Hero who stormed the

Beach at Normandy on D-Day. He was a substitute teach and a stalwart coach of the

Patchogue Medford Raiders and everything related to this community. We will be installing a

Monument, a Bench and a Memorial Plaque to commemorate these great men of our


Anyone wishing to donate to this endeavor will benefit with the knowledge that you

contributed to Sam’s legacy as a gentle giant among his peers.

All donations to The Lions Club of Patchogue Inc will be Acknowledged as a Federal Tax-

Deductible Contribution under IRS section 501(c)3 Organization.

The Lions Club of Patchogue consists of members from all walks of life: Business members of all types, School Administrators, Educators and Staff including Board of Educators. There were White-Collar and Blue-Collar workers all from different sectors of the community. We would like to restock our membership, retool and revitalize our fundraising events. If anyone has a desire to serve their community or to just support our endeavors please feel free to contact any Lions Club of Patchogue member or like and follow our club on Facebook page, “Lions Club of Patchogue Inc.” or our website

We will flourish in the future as we have in the past.

Vito W. LaMonica, Jr. E.A.

Chairman 501(3)c Challenge

Past President 2003-2004

1st Vice President 2019-2021

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